Les Macarons Francais sont arrives aux Athenes!


I'm back with a tiny piece of heaven today... les macarons francais!

I only thought I would taste such delicious macarons in France but I'm glad to announce that Athenians can now have their fair share of mouthwatering, eye candy bliss daily!!!

The most famous Athens cafe,"Zonar's" recently "gave birth" to "Zonar's Chocolaterie" located right next to it. This is the tiny showcase for the sweet creations of french patissier Mathias Gautron!

White, red and golden colours, natural stone and warm wooden flooring make up the set for the chocolate confections, the colourful macarons (my personal favorite) and the multi-flavoured pastries!!!

I read about the "Macaron Arrival" at a magazine a few days ago and I've been waiting for my chance to swing by Zonar's and pick some up!! I finally got my chance a couple of days ago when business reasons had me wandering around Suntagma square.

I went in the tiny tiny store and a very nice and kind looking woman welcomed me! She offered me a rasberry macaron (yum!) and I said I'd like a small box with a selection of them (I was totally strapped for cash-it's the end of the month- but the macarons totally worth it!!!) When she put in a cinnamon one I mentioned they are my favorite and she offered me another one!

I spent my (almost) last 6 euros for a small box with 7 macarons, but the lovely lady had also treated me with 2 more for free! :D

When I finally got home I had to take some pictures of the high-end-aesthetics box and the whole experience you go!

The loveliest bag and box I've ever found sweets in...

A heaven of smells, flavours, comment for the golden inlay of the maximizes the eye-candy pleasure!

Ready for the first bite of the tiny cinnamon macaron...

And the rest is pure love and joy!!!

Stay tuned for the next Colour...

Until then be well and colourful! K.

New beginnings and the "Design S" exhibition


They say "when life gives you lemons, make lemonade!" but I've always been quite a rebel and always loved strawberry juice better!

That's the reason this blog "happened" to me. I'll try to get my share of fresh squashed strawberry juice every day, a dash of happiness, a splash of colour, no matter what!

My first attempt to colour your day is the "Design S" exhibition! This is an event that happened in Athens,late October.It was all about quality living, green design and new ideas, all of those coming from Sweden! My dearest cousin Lefteris from Grafik Plastik escorted me there since he is a swedish design lover himself!

Here are the highlights!

All the furniture above can be found at (it's coincidental :P )

Until the next well and colourful! K.