K. at Kavala and what she'll do next...



It's been a while again... :P Hey, it's the summer! You can't blame me, can you?

Two weeks ago I travelled to Kavala, which is a coastal town in northern Greece. My godmother lives there, with her son and my his two lovely daughters! Kavala used to be a frequent destination of mine until about 5 years ago do I decided to climb back up on the map and check out my old whereabouts. :)

The whole "back to teenagehood" attempt was made easier by my vary good friend and fellow designer Magda who is a "native" of Kavala and decided to pay a visit to her family there. Many many things have changed... my "then" friends were nowhere to be seen, a sliding had destroyed my "then" favorite spot (a lighthouse...unfortunately I don't have a picture) and many more... 

You'd think the change of facts would take its toll on me but on the other hand...there's the perfect opportunity to meet new friends, find new favorite spots, explore the town with a different perpective! And so it happened... and I had a magnificent time!!! Here is evidence! ;) 

My cute little cousins!




I'm not all done with this summer though...On Tuesday I'm taking the first step to meet tha adventures of camping by the beach!!! Yeah... I know, it doesn't sound THAT adventurous and after all, I've spent half my life living and loving the outdoors, with no electricity, no hair straightener and no make up! :P But to be honest, I've kind of got used to pampering myself and never leave my house without looking at least decent that way... So (even if I could play it simple) I've decided to turn this camping experience, my first time actually, to a lifestyle experiment...

And here is my main question: Can a girl (with a limited supply of : soap, water, electricity, make up and a huge supply of wind, sand, dust and sunscreen) still look her (beautywise and stylewise) best when leaving the campsite? I'm determined to make my best (no cheating!) so I'll be taking pictures and writing down my everyday activities in order to achieve that...I'm pretty sure I can make it happen!