Paris Travelogue II aka Nothing Is Forever...

I'm terrible at keeping a schedule...but what am I saying? You've probably figured that out already! Anyway...It's been a month since I've returned from Paris and my "travelogue" is still in the works...I've decided I'm closing this matter today, I simply have too much going on my much that I'm left stunned and unable to do anything :P

These are the last photos of Paris I'll be showing, they represent things I will never again find there. No monuments, no classic art, no museums...instead we have light installations, shopping windows, christmas decorations, bubbles!

The Nomiya Restaurant atop the Palais de Tokyo. I'll only be there until August 2010....never to come back...Impressive design, amazing views of the city (eat your steel heart out, Eiffel Tower!)

Oooh! And a view of the Tower itself, from Nomiya Restaurant...

The Champs Elysees Bvd all lit up for X-mas...I hope they use the standard yellow lights next year (i just like them more, they're kind of warmer I think...)

A tiny Christmas-tree-grove on the courtyard of Pantheon! :)

Christmas presents decorations at the heart of consumerism (of which I declare myself a victim), Galleries Lafayette ( if they'll have the same decorations next year!)

Christmas shop windows...I reaaaaally reaaaaally loved these!

As a genuine Taurean my heart flutters at just the sight of cakes and petit fours at LaDuree...*deep siiiiiigh*

A huge bubble making man outside Centre Pompidou...that was really something!!! I swear he could have enclosed me in one of these (but no...he didn't)

And one man that will be there as many times as I dear Fred, a true friend and caring landlord for as long as we were there! We would be lost without you, thank you! ^.^

More colours of my world until next time....until then, you go ahead...
put some splashes of colour in your life, you'll be surprised at how the universe reacts to it! K.

ColourEffect HEARTS GrafikPlastik

Hehehe...I'm in need for some unconditional-forever-and-ever-lovey-dovey love tonight...and no, I'm not referring to my mom... :P

It's the guy over there at GrafikPlastik that I'm talking about...that smart, cute, tall, blond, blue eyed, TALENTED fella outlasted all the other males in my life (so far :P).

So what if he's my cousin? ^.^ It only means we'll be forced to make ammends no matter what! :P

Leo is in the 2nd year of graphic design and his blog is an absolute representation of his love for visual arts and minimalism! Bright colours, bold shapes and his special magic dust make his projects as great as they are!

Feast your eyes and find more at his blog!

Just a small part of his 2010 calendar (which is actually on sale on GrafikPlastik )

Various projects he's worked on over the last year...aren't these something?!

Well done "cous",and to think this is only the beggining! ;)

Oh, before I close this post...a tribute to our happy times together (sorry you all have to see these :P)

At the S Design Exhibition...that was pretty fun...geeky kind of fun :P

In Berlin on November 2008...recovering inside a coffee shop...we've been freezing our cute little butts outside :/

Last summer, fooling about in Tinos' port...pretty freaking windy, I can tell you that!

Again in Tinos, at Lychnaftia beach this one, perhaps the only day we stepped out on the beach, it was too windy an August the last one...we call this "the MiuMiu ad" can see why :P

Just a splash of graphic arts for you today...a break from my usual maximal romanticism!
More colour hopefully tomorrow...wishes for a beautiful Sunday morning (because I'm pretty sure I'm the only one staying in, this Saturday night :P)

Kisses from K. ;)

The Colourful world of Avatar

I'm interrupting my travelogue because I can't help myself...I've been dying to create some palettes inspired by the latest masterpiece of James Cameron, Avatar!

I have already mentioned that my favorite color is Purple , it's also widely known that I'm a fantasy and sci-fi geek and my take on life begins and ends with words such as respect Nature spirits Energy etc etc get the picture already...Avatar had me hooked for about 6 hours (I saw it of which in 3D) and since then I declare my love for it everywhere :P

I won't get into the details on the film, I would hate to ruin the experience for anyone who hasn't seen it yet! Besides...I'm in no mood to review it publicly...the 5 hours long conversations I've had with my friends after watching it covered this need of mine! hehehe

Here are some pictures of the film...pretty colour-drooling if you ask me ^.^ and the palettes I've made...sorry for the poor quality of some of them...there aren't many good ones out there yet...

Notice how the glow of the floating seeds and the purple plant in the background make all the blue hues almost sparkle???

Again...the sparkles of green and blue give life to all the cold coloured hues...the fuschias pop out and the atmosphere is utterly dreamy.

Ever fantasized about swimming in a sea of cold pastel colors??? No?!?! What are you talking about?? Isn't this everyone's dream??? :P

Even the beasts in this planet have the same bright, mystical hues of greens, blues and purples!
The golden detail makes the difference here.

wow...I have no words for this one...purple in all its glory, I feel completely justified for my colour-love now...just wow...

Did anybody call for a savior??? Of course the redemption would come from the sky...and in fact...painted with colours that were nowhere else to be found throughout the film...fierce huh?
(ok, I know I have a tiny spoiler here...spare me, I'm hardly keeping in all the symbolisms and significance of the colours :P)

well...let the colours guide you to a magical journey...i can't get enough of it! I'll probably express some of my thoughts on the symbolism of the colours...a bit later,when everybody will have seen it :P

Back with more colour (not as dazzling as these though, i guess...) K. ;)

Paris Travelogue: Part One

Oh la la! La ville Lumiere (forgive me, I just can't put the accents...) ! Amelie, La vie en Rose, Marie Antoinette...les palais, le tour, les beaux heart fills with bliss just writing these lines!!!

The arrival at the City of Lights was pretty smooth and we find our way was a very cold Paris evening and we were very glad to arrive at our B&B, Maison Bacana !

As an interior designer I must say how impressed I was with this small and cosy b&b! I'm not very good with words and they say a picture is worth 1000 of them so...please visit the site and take a look because it's in flash mode and I can't show them here! heheheeh ^.^

Anyway...our first day we planned a trip to Versailles because it was the last day of a sculpture exhibition by Xavier Veilhan!

I loved his work and how he achieved to enhance the already spectacular palace and it's gardens. I felt like a modern princess to be honest... ^.^

Oooh...and soon I'll post my photo WITH Renzo Piano...that's a fun one :P

There was a video installation too, inside the palace, a yellow LED installation that pictured a man climbing the grand staircase in Louis' chambers. It almost looked like a ghost video...

My camera's battery at this point is about to die...while we make our way back to Paris, Saint Germain to be exact. The numerous streets, narrow and picturesque remind me of the Paris I've seen in movies...Countless little shops are all dressed up for holidays and we are to find small treasures among their stocks...

After a while we find ourselves somewhere close to Eifell Tower..."simply follow the light" seems to be the only direction we need and soon we're at Mars square...

There's a Christmas market close to the tower so we head there for some hot chocolate and a festive touch for the first day!!!

Yummy lollipops in all shapes sizes AND flavours!!! Rose, lemon, praline, mint, blueberry and of course...coca cola were but a few!

And of course...a chocolate stand! A HUGE CHOCOLATE stand! pick one of these huge pieces and they melt it into a deliciously tasteful chocolate drink for you!!! Best thing ever... ^.^

I really have to beg my friends to let me use their photos collection seems to be quite haven't seen anything yet!

I know I've been slacking lately...while I'm on it check my cousins blog GrafikPlastik. He's a great graphic designer AND he updates regularly :P

Well I might have been slacking but I have lots of material for this and the next week at least!!! Be back tomorrow with more (and better) photos (I hope...)!

Colours colours...parisian colours ;) K.