Back with News from Paris, Xavier Veilhan in Versailles

Hello again!!!

I've gone away for a while...sorry about that! I have to admit that life has been giving me a hard time lately, what with job and school obligations and ehm...a short trip to Paris (whaaat? you all know planning and packing for a trip can be frustrating! :P)

I won't start uploading my photos yet...I need to sort them out a bit first, but I can't wait any longer, I have to let you know how freaking lucky I was!!!

I'll start from the beginning...I planned this short trip for me and 3 of my friends. There were me, my girlfriends Maria and Margarita and a new-found-friend Thanasis (the only guy, lucky T.). We had a rough plan of what we where going to see on which day. On Sunday 13th we would visit the flea markets...but we didn't!

I read an article on a magazine during the flight (12/12) about the sculpture installations of Xavier Veilhan on the Chateau des Versailles so...I cried my heart out until everyone agreed we should go and experience the exhibition on it's very last day... (the drama! :P)

The freezinf cold, the mixup with the metro lines and ticket, the overflowing crowds couldn't stop us of course!!!

Here's a quick brief and photos of the exhibition, a more personal post will follow with my photos and comments on it.

Xavier Veilhan: “My project for Versailles mainly addresses the outdoor realm, following an east/west axis across the estate, from the Place d’Armes to Le Nôtre’s formal gardens. I will be placing several works or groups of works conceived especially for this exhibition, which will articulate the continuity that joins the site’s history to its contemporary protraction. This is a project that is dynamic, classical, open and universal, aiming to establish a new bond between visitors to the place and the spaces they come into contact with.”

"Le Carrosse" in front of the Palais, the first sculpture you see entering the grounds.

"La femme nue", a tiny statue in the center of the front yard of the Palais.

"Le Gisant Youri Gagarine" lying in front of the Palais, poor thing!

"Les Architectes" placed around and in the main fountain of the gardens.

"Le Mobile" inside the Palais.

Tomorrow I'll post mine...beware! :P K.

K. at the Interior Design Show Exhibition

Let me first say this...I've been to many interior design exhibitions the past few years, each one duller than the last! Mostly, these exhibitions showed little care about design and a love for profit! Their higly commercial character made the whole thing look like flipping through the ads of a desgin magazine...again and again, without ever stopping (yikes!).

The thing is...I don't go to these things looking for just another black and silver bedroom set with swarovski crystals and metalic details (what ARE they thinking?) , or a huge corner sofa thats...lights up in the dark or something... :P I want to get inspired, I want to experience new styles,new materials, fresh ideas!!!

My craving drove me to EKEP centre last Sunday, hoping that I would finally see some real design going on!

I'll quote the info from the (greek) site of the show to better show you what we're talking about.
"The Interior Design Show ID '09 is a unique event for the contemporary design.
This year (it's first one) four of the most inspired and innovative architects will get togeher to present their ideas and surprise the audience with their projects, free of any limitations.

And the journey begins...Creativity! Inspiration! Talent! Innovation!"

And that's exactly what I got out of it!

Here are some pictures of the event. Enjoy!!!

Architecture Dress Code
Architects: Miltos Farmakis, Irene Roussakis - Olive3 Architects

Inspired by a chess board,a 60x60 grid is created where different materials become the focal point. Cubes rise from the ground or hang from the ceiling and get wrapped into unexprected materials to create a space full of illusions where orientation tends to get a bit blurry...I have to say I loved the feeling of it!

A model of the installation.

views from inside :)

Reflect Me
Architect: Nikos Andrianopoulos

"Narcissus, looking into the water, did not understand that
he saw his own reflection, and fell in love with himself."

His installation was made up from wood, carpeting and reflective surfaces. Many different angles created many different scenes of the same space and caused a somewhat narcissism to me I may admit. I blame the amazing photos which were, still, the focal point of it all.

Marble Pavillion
Architect: D.Tsigos - TDC Tsigos Design & Construction

I have to admit this was my favorite one, I sat and laid on it in dozens different ways :P
It made me feel very comfortable and free.

The marble pavillion made by...marble (the surprise!) moved me because Greece and this specific material go way back...about 5000 years back! The earth here is rich with various different kinds of marble, any colour and texture you can imagine, you'll find.
It also reminded me of the island my father was born in (and the one I love to think I hail from) , Tinos. The islanders there have a tradition of working with marble to create the most amazing things you can think of, and there's even a marble sculpting school and museum too. (note to self: post about them some time during summer)

The architect inspired by the versatility and history of the material itself used a pinkish-red shade of it to create a pavillion that steals away the audience. My first thought on it was that it looks like fins of fish laid upon a beach, bones of a whale, but then it also reminded me of a sound wave, a few leaves fallen on the ground, a stoney wave crashing on rocks...and many many more.

Enjoy the photos although I can assure's nothing compared to the full experience of living on/with/by it.

ps: how i loved the cool smooth touch of the marble, such an earthy feeling about it and such an airy,flowy form it was given...pure bliss ^.^ (I wonder what happened to it after the end of the show :/)

There you go...just a little sample of the most amazing exhibition I've ever been
(only so far though! ;) )

I'll be back for more always! ;) K.

Steampunk style I the last to know?

A few years I found myself spending almost all of my spare time playing one particular PC game and another few years later obsessing over its' sequel!

This is actually pretty funny because I'm known to only bother (drool,rather) about the Sims series and it makes sense. I'm a very busy person, I have lots of hobbies and don't care much about PC games, the Sims is almost like an inspiration and creation tool for me and of course it has it's entertainment advantages as well (that's whatever separates it from 3ds max :P ).

But this one particular adventure game, Syberia (and it's sequel) had me glued to my desk for days and days. I blame it on the mystical, victorian, somewhat retrofuturistic atmosphere that Benoit Sokal and the rest of the Microids company team created.

Notice the Art Nouveau architecture? It's my favorite historical art genre.You'd think that with my love for Romantic, Art Nouveau, Japanese style and design I have a very complex taste but they all link with each other in many ways. One of them, is the "Syberia" style itself.

So...for years and years I've been hooked to this new (for me) style but I could never quite find a word to describe it perfectly, I could only mumble about it for hours,trying to define it!

Some days ago, my eye stopped on a word amidst the text of a random site. "Steampunk"...steampunk? Sounds pretty...what it is?? was what I've been looking for without knowing what I'm looking for! hehehe

Steampunk is a sub-genre of fantasy and speculative fiction that came into prominence in the 1980s and early 1990s. The term denotes works set in an era or world where steam power is still widely used—usually the 19th century—but with prominent elements of either science fiction or fantasy, such as fictional technological inventions like those found in the works of H. G. Wells and Jules Verne, or real technological developments like the computer occurring at an earlier date. (source: wikipedia)

As an online window shopping junkie I had to go and search Etsy (what's with me and this place?? :P) just to create the perfect steampunk outfit (the need to create the perfect steampunk adobe -always with a touch of my individual style- will be satisfied through the Sims 3, I'll be sure to post it and upload it soon).

By the way...I don't like to advertise but I appreciate all things handmade and believe in supporting freelance crafters all over the world, that's why I post finds from Etsy and not some other online store (if you know any other online stores like this please tell me).

Very "Aviator" style outfit, I love the little cape. Creator: whiteapple

A great way to adopt the style without looking "costumey"! I just love this t-shirt!
Creator: blackmirrordesign

Another amazing find, a beauuuutiful jacket/shrug, I'd wear it with pretty much anything...
Creator: blackmirrordesign

Speaking of Jules Verne...isn't this totally "20.000 leagues under the sea" reminiscent???
Creator: chinookhugs

"I just murdered a watch" wrist cuff! no...that's not it's name, that's just me being silly-happy :P
Creator: edmdesigns

Last but not would I ever begin an adventure without my brass goggles???? O.o
Haha...I'd wear it as a headband easily though! Creator: ProfMaelstromme love for steampunk style is out....I can sleep now. :)

Back with nore colour...and a design orientated post. K.

The Sweetest of Finds...(and how to get your colour back)

What's with me and I can't see the Colour lately??? Well...I guess it happens sometimes even to me! Remember the "mean reds" mentioned at "Breakfast at Tiffany' s" by the ever-so-graceful Audrey Hepburn? That's what's been happening to me the last few days and I'm still striving to get it out of my system.

Audrey, as the lovely Holly Gollightly, may find taking a cab to Tiffany' s to be helpful but there's nothing as delightful as such, close to where I live. That's why I had to (once again) escape into the world of my favorite online shop to do some windowshopping and cheer me up a little! :)

This time I was looking for a sugar shot, a sweet escape, a mouthwatering dessert assortment...but without any of the actual sugar and calories of the real thing. you go, the most delicious, tiny, cute, diet friendly, suitable for diabetics, will-never-let-you-down desserts, all handpicked by me (and it was quite a difficult decision to make, if I can say so myself!!!)

What I love most about polymer clay sweets is that sometimes they look even better than the real thing!!! Mint Donut Ring with Sprinkles by BabyLovesPink

I've never had such a rich sundae but I can almost smell the different flavors just by looking at this! Ice Cream Sundae Ring by kacchan

I'm a sucker for Oreo cookies and this one is the most realistic fake (lol) I've seen!
Mini Oreo Cookie Ring by BabyLovesPink

Have I mentioned I love charm bracelets? Have I also mentioned I love cupcakes???
No?! Well...i do! Sugar High Charm Bracelet by MossyOwl

This one is actually a ring...a yummy chocolate truffle ring! Chocolate Truffle Ring by kacchan

A brownie necklace??? Sure, if you'd love for someone to bite into your neck ( "New Moon"'s giving me weird associations) Chocolate Brownie Necklace by mishibu

A golden heart cookie even opens up so you can put photos or hide secrets inside! :)
Heart Sugar Cookie Locket by skybluebunny

Another beautiful,chic and simple charm bracelet with the tiniest vanilla ice cream cone!!!
Vanilla Soft Serve Ice Cream Cone by skybluebunny

Last but not least my top two picks... I'm actually going to buy these asap.

I think you already now my love for french macarons. So, naturally...I can't resist a tiny little jar with colorful macarons inside!!! French Macarons Rainbow Bottle Necklace by puffpastry

My No1 pick is this cute teacup ring because of the amazing detail, and it's strawberry scent!!
Purple Scented Teacup Ring by Candychick

There you go...the sweetest finds from Etsy!!! I think I have some of my colour back now.
I have to these at all handmade, I am stunned by your work guys (mostly girls actually :P)!!!

I'll give it a try and make a few tiny sweets of my own but are great at this!!!

*big applause*

When I have my first attempts ready, fresh out of the oven, I'll be sure to post picks here (please don't compare, I'm a mere mortal :P)

Until next time...(you bet it'll be sooner than later!) keep it colourful! K.D.

Ten steps to the Belle Epoque Fantasy aka Etsy Vintage Finds

The last few days I've been feeling a little melancholic, a little theatrical and very very fragile and feminine (no...not in a good sense!)

To turn around the "damsel in distress" picture in my favor, I had to "bury" myself in
Belle Epoque fantasies and a few of my favorite vintage finds from Etsy.

If I'm going to be a damsel in distress I better be in the right era to do so (and properly accessorized too!)

Here are ten steps to my Belle Epoque Fantasy

1) To saw on my coats and jeans,cute as a button buttons! Vintage Buttons from ButtermilkSky

2) To wear around ivory neck, Antique button and vintage lace necklace by sparrowsalvage

3) To protect my delicate hands , Crocheted Gloves by vintagevalise

4) To have an exclusive "oh so chic" tea party in my garden, Antique teapot by Jannyfay

5) To properly try the homemade jam, Antique Sterling Silver Spoon by Jannyfay

6) To taste the homemade pastries and sweets, Green Carnival Glass Dish by BazarBcuz

7)To stylishly drink my way into oblivion ;) ,Whiskey Depression Glass by Jape

8) To ,not exactly fight, the tears that are coming, White Linen Handkerchief by dishyvintage

9) To prepare by putting on the most amazing dress, Helene wedding dress by Leanimal

10) And to finally set sail for the stars, Royal Traveller train case by RetroLane

Of I go then...when I come back (and it won't be long),
I promise to bring new,exotic colours with me! K.

The Ultimate Site for Colour Lovers!

Today I'll present to you one of my favourite sites out there, it never fails to amaze me and make me daydream! Colourlovers does all of that and many more! :)

Colourlovers is a site that...well...loves colour! In all it's combinations and forms, colour is the main topic here! Thousands of "colourlovers" join forces here to create the biggest database of colours (properly invented and named) palettes (also named after their inspiration) and patterns!

Palette: The Colour Effect!

Here are some palettes I've made the last few always amazes me, mostly when I browse through palettes created by other "colourlovers", how the titles neatly match the combination of colours! Colour is, in the end, one of the few universal languages!

Palette: Triplets are fun!

Palette: Kiss me now!

Palette: Happy Sea Summer!

Palette: Boudoir

If you end up indulging yourselves in the magic of Colourlovers post a palette in your comment, i'd love to see what you'll come up with!!!

It's a small post but they say a picture is worth 1000 words! And 1000 colours I may add!

More colour inspiration tomorrow! K.