K. at Kavala and what she'll do next...



It's been a while again... :P Hey, it's the summer! You can't blame me, can you?

Two weeks ago I travelled to Kavala, which is a coastal town in northern Greece. My godmother lives there, with her son and my his two lovely daughters! Kavala used to be a frequent destination of mine until about 5 years ago do I decided to climb back up on the map and check out my old whereabouts. :)

The whole "back to teenagehood" attempt was made easier by my vary good friend and fellow designer Magda who is a "native" of Kavala and decided to pay a visit to her family there. Many many things have changed... my "then" friends were nowhere to be seen, a sliding had destroyed my "then" favorite spot (a lighthouse...unfortunately I don't have a picture) and many more... 

You'd think the change of facts would take its toll on me but on the other hand...there's the perfect opportunity to meet new friends, find new favorite spots, explore the town with a different perpective! And so it happened... and I had a magnificent time!!! Here is evidence! ;) 

My cute little cousins!




I'm not all done with this summer though...On Tuesday I'm taking the first step to meet tha adventures of camping by the beach!!! Yeah... I know, it doesn't sound THAT adventurous and after all, I've spent half my life living and loving the outdoors, with no electricity, no hair straightener and no make up! :P But to be honest, I've kind of got used to pampering myself and never leave my house without looking at least decent that way... So (even if I could play it simple) I've decided to turn this camping experience, my first time actually, to a lifestyle experiment...

And here is my main question: Can a girl (with a limited supply of : soap, water, electricity, make up and a huge supply of wind, sand, dust and sunscreen) still look her (beautywise and stylewise) best when leaving the campsite? I'm determined to make my best (no cheating!) so I'll be taking pictures and writing down my everyday activities in order to achieve that...I'm pretty sure I can make it happen!

A new...Barbie Doll *blush*

I am not the girl to dye her hair blond, puff them up and feed with bubble gums. I was not the little girl to own a huge series of barbie dolls and houses and clothes and shoes and ...well, ken dolls for them.

But I was the girl that squeaked with glee (yeah, not a pretty sound... it wasn't :P) when barbie got a whole new makeover, new hair of all styles and colours, new professions, new designer clothes and generally, a much less pink and much more colourful approach!

I don't own many barbie dolls...the ones of my childhood succumbed to their wounds after days, months of violent acts carried by my siblings (sob sob). My first collective Barbie was the Incas princess...this one was left kind of chewed and without her royal jewellery after an attack by my dog (sob sob x10). My latest wish to own one of those beautiful new colourful barbie dolls came to life a few days ago when my mother gave me one! (hurray hurray!!!)

It's from the Basics collection. A collection of 12 very unique dolls, each one wearing a little black dress and each one with her one special personality (just listen to me, I sound like a psyched 15 year old! )!


And this one belongs to me now :)


Isn't she "a doll"? :P I picked her because she seemed to have the strongest personality of all, now she stares at me from the edge of my desk with her enticing smile! :D I reckon she looks like me a little (yeah, you wish little Kelly...)

For the record, There's a sticker on the bgox that writes "This doll is not a toy but a collective item. Not for purchase to ages below 14"! Yeaaaaaahhhh! Thats 1 for me 0 for anyone who thinks I'm too old to buy Barbie dolls! (let's just forget the fact that I'm 10 years older than 14...).

Do you think this is the start of an actual Barbie collection of my own?? I do hope so... :) I'm such a geek! 

Till next time, Love and colours! K.

Things to Love about Summer!

Hello! It's been a while, huh?

I won't make excuses about being busy :P You see, I've undergone a mild case of in-between-eras-depression...that means that the last 5 weeks I've been moving from my bed to my pc and vice versa, the only productive activity I've managed to do is trendspotting :P This is why I have quite a few things to kick-start myself again, and quiiiite a few things to introduce you to! There are so many things I love about summer anyway!

  • My Mom's Lemonade! 
It's the best medicine against the drowsy hot afternoons...especially when the lemons come from our own lemon trees...yummy!!! 


  • Yellow color in general
The colour of the sunlight, lemons, golden sand and happy thoughts! :D Yellow walls, and yellow fabrics, yellow vases and sunflowers, they all bring a fresh breeze of the new season in our homes!
And I must admit the result is stunning!


  • A Fashionable Find! 
How many times have I missed dressing up my dolls? Only if I where to do it at this age, I'd want the latest trends available and a lot of different dolls to model for me! 
Thankfully I found Looklet to be as creative as I want! It's a great site where you can dress up the model of your choice and chooseher pose,the background, the effects to create your very own fashion editorial!!! Yeah, I know...I'm already addicted... :P 
                                   LBD gets an ethnic update!

  • Summer a Provence! 
Or, to be more clear, french country style clothes, florals, stripes, natural textures, broderie anglaise...mmm...summer bliss ^.^


btw...see? told you i'm addicted to looklet!

  • New Blog Find! Hello Sandwich (?) ! Well, hello to you too!
This find is only 2 days old and I'm really impressed by the girl already! Hello Sandwich is a lovely blog run by Ebony Bizys, a talented graphic designer/ artist who comes from Australia but is moving to Tokyo as you read...lucky heeeer! Her blog is a collection of inspiring thoughts and pictures, her portfolio and diary at the same time, I just love it!

I'd write more but a cloud of midday heat has captivated me and I'm feeling totally's probably high time to bring out the fans, and have a siesta (oh, lovely lovely summer)

I do want to know what do you love about summer, any new design/ fashion/ internet crushes? Summer's the perfect time to fall in love...or lust, after all! 
Happy last day of spring! I'll be back tomorrow with many many new colours...


Paris Travelogue II aka Nothing Is Forever...

I'm terrible at keeping a schedule...but what am I saying? You've probably figured that out already! Anyway...It's been a month since I've returned from Paris and my "travelogue" is still in the works...I've decided I'm closing this matter today, I simply have too much going on my much that I'm left stunned and unable to do anything :P

These are the last photos of Paris I'll be showing, they represent things I will never again find there. No monuments, no classic art, no museums...instead we have light installations, shopping windows, christmas decorations, bubbles!

The Nomiya Restaurant atop the Palais de Tokyo. I'll only be there until August 2010....never to come back...Impressive design, amazing views of the city (eat your steel heart out, Eiffel Tower!)

Oooh! And a view of the Tower itself, from Nomiya Restaurant...

The Champs Elysees Bvd all lit up for X-mas...I hope they use the standard yellow lights next year (i just like them more, they're kind of warmer I think...)

A tiny Christmas-tree-grove on the courtyard of Pantheon! :)

Christmas presents decorations at the heart of consumerism (of which I declare myself a victim), Galleries Lafayette ( if they'll have the same decorations next year!)

Christmas shop windows...I reaaaaally reaaaaally loved these!

As a genuine Taurean my heart flutters at just the sight of cakes and petit fours at LaDuree...*deep siiiiiigh*

A huge bubble making man outside Centre Pompidou...that was really something!!! I swear he could have enclosed me in one of these (but no...he didn't)

And one man that will be there as many times as I dear Fred, a true friend and caring landlord for as long as we were there! We would be lost without you, thank you! ^.^

More colours of my world until next time....until then, you go ahead...
put some splashes of colour in your life, you'll be surprised at how the universe reacts to it! K.

ColourEffect HEARTS GrafikPlastik

Hehehe...I'm in need for some unconditional-forever-and-ever-lovey-dovey love tonight...and no, I'm not referring to my mom... :P

It's the guy over there at GrafikPlastik that I'm talking about...that smart, cute, tall, blond, blue eyed, TALENTED fella outlasted all the other males in my life (so far :P).

So what if he's my cousin? ^.^ It only means we'll be forced to make ammends no matter what! :P

Leo is in the 2nd year of graphic design and his blog is an absolute representation of his love for visual arts and minimalism! Bright colours, bold shapes and his special magic dust make his projects as great as they are!

Feast your eyes and find more at his blog!

Just a small part of his 2010 calendar (which is actually on sale on GrafikPlastik )

Various projects he's worked on over the last year...aren't these something?!

Well done "cous",and to think this is only the beggining! ;)

Oh, before I close this post...a tribute to our happy times together (sorry you all have to see these :P)

At the S Design Exhibition...that was pretty fun...geeky kind of fun :P

In Berlin on November 2008...recovering inside a coffee shop...we've been freezing our cute little butts outside :/

Last summer, fooling about in Tinos' port...pretty freaking windy, I can tell you that!

Again in Tinos, at Lychnaftia beach this one, perhaps the only day we stepped out on the beach, it was too windy an August the last one...we call this "the MiuMiu ad" can see why :P

Just a splash of graphic arts for you today...a break from my usual maximal romanticism!
More colour hopefully tomorrow...wishes for a beautiful Sunday morning (because I'm pretty sure I'm the only one staying in, this Saturday night :P)

Kisses from K. ;)