Paris Travelogue II aka Nothing Is Forever...

I'm terrible at keeping a schedule...but what am I saying? You've probably figured that out already! Anyway...It's been a month since I've returned from Paris and my "travelogue" is still in the works...I've decided I'm closing this matter today, I simply have too much going on my much that I'm left stunned and unable to do anything :P

These are the last photos of Paris I'll be showing, they represent things I will never again find there. No monuments, no classic art, no museums...instead we have light installations, shopping windows, christmas decorations, bubbles!

The Nomiya Restaurant atop the Palais de Tokyo. I'll only be there until August 2010....never to come back...Impressive design, amazing views of the city (eat your steel heart out, Eiffel Tower!)

Oooh! And a view of the Tower itself, from Nomiya Restaurant...

The Champs Elysees Bvd all lit up for X-mas...I hope they use the standard yellow lights next year (i just like them more, they're kind of warmer I think...)

A tiny Christmas-tree-grove on the courtyard of Pantheon! :)

Christmas presents decorations at the heart of consumerism (of which I declare myself a victim), Galleries Lafayette ( if they'll have the same decorations next year!)

Christmas shop windows...I reaaaaally reaaaaally loved these!

As a genuine Taurean my heart flutters at just the sight of cakes and petit fours at LaDuree...*deep siiiiiigh*

A huge bubble making man outside Centre Pompidou...that was really something!!! I swear he could have enclosed me in one of these (but no...he didn't)

And one man that will be there as many times as I dear Fred, a true friend and caring landlord for as long as we were there! We would be lost without you, thank you! ^.^

More colours of my world until next time....until then, you go ahead...
put some splashes of colour in your life, you'll be surprised at how the universe reacts to it! K.

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Sahana Sri είπε...

I was there at Champs Elysees Boulevard on January. It was still lit up and it was so so pretty. It was slightly drizzling and the lights were so pretty and the whole scene was so romantic!!! That bubble making man is impressive!!! :)
When I was there, this app helped me out so good in Paris, you should check this out! Its an offline Metro RER map so I saved pretty much on Taxi and got lotta info on Tourist Places! And its really a cheap app too less than a dollar!!!

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