A new...Barbie Doll *blush*

I am not the girl to dye her hair blond, puff them up and feed with bubble gums. I was not the little girl to own a huge series of barbie dolls and houses and clothes and shoes and ...well, ken dolls for them.

But I was the girl that squeaked with glee (yeah, not a pretty sound... it wasn't :P) when barbie got a whole new makeover, new hair of all styles and colours, new professions, new designer clothes and generally, a much less pink and much more colourful approach!

I don't own many barbie dolls...the ones of my childhood succumbed to their wounds after days, months of violent acts carried by my siblings (sob sob). My first collective Barbie was the Incas princess...this one was left kind of chewed and without her royal jewellery after an attack by my dog (sob sob x10). My latest wish to own one of those beautiful new colourful barbie dolls came to life a few days ago when my mother gave me one! (hurray hurray!!!)

It's from the Basics collection. A collection of 12 very unique dolls, each one wearing a little black dress and each one with her one special personality (just listen to me, I sound like a psyched 15 year old! )!


And this one belongs to me now :)


Isn't she "a doll"? :P I picked her because she seemed to have the strongest personality of all, now she stares at me from the edge of my desk with her enticing smile! :D I reckon she looks like me a little (yeah, you wish little Kelly...)

For the record, There's a sticker on the bgox that writes "This doll is not a toy but a collective item. Not for purchase to ages below 14"! Yeaaaaaahhhh! Thats 1 for me 0 for anyone who thinks I'm too old to buy Barbie dolls! (let's just forget the fact that I'm 10 years older than 14...).

Do you think this is the start of an actual Barbie collection of my own?? I do hope so... :) I'm such a geek! 

Till next time, Love and colours! K.

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