Things to Love about Summer!

Hello! It's been a while, huh?

I won't make excuses about being busy :P You see, I've undergone a mild case of in-between-eras-depression...that means that the last 5 weeks I've been moving from my bed to my pc and vice versa, the only productive activity I've managed to do is trendspotting :P This is why I have quite a few things to kick-start myself again, and quiiiite a few things to introduce you to! There are so many things I love about summer anyway!

  • My Mom's Lemonade! 
It's the best medicine against the drowsy hot afternoons...especially when the lemons come from our own lemon trees...yummy!!! 


  • Yellow color in general
The colour of the sunlight, lemons, golden sand and happy thoughts! :D Yellow walls, and yellow fabrics, yellow vases and sunflowers, they all bring a fresh breeze of the new season in our homes!
And I must admit the result is stunning!


  • A Fashionable Find! 
How many times have I missed dressing up my dolls? Only if I where to do it at this age, I'd want the latest trends available and a lot of different dolls to model for me! 
Thankfully I found Looklet to be as creative as I want! It's a great site where you can dress up the model of your choice and chooseher pose,the background, the effects to create your very own fashion editorial!!! Yeah, I know...I'm already addicted... :P 
                                   LBD gets an ethnic update!

  • Summer a Provence! 
Or, to be more clear, french country style clothes, florals, stripes, natural textures, broderie anglaise...mmm...summer bliss ^.^


btw...see? told you i'm addicted to looklet!

  • New Blog Find! Hello Sandwich (?) ! Well, hello to you too!
This find is only 2 days old and I'm really impressed by the girl already! Hello Sandwich is a lovely blog run by Ebony Bizys, a talented graphic designer/ artist who comes from Australia but is moving to Tokyo as you read...lucky heeeer! Her blog is a collection of inspiring thoughts and pictures, her portfolio and diary at the same time, I just love it!

I'd write more but a cloud of midday heat has captivated me and I'm feeling totally's probably high time to bring out the fans, and have a siesta (oh, lovely lovely summer)

I do want to know what do you love about summer, any new design/ fashion/ internet crushes? Summer's the perfect time to fall in love...or lust, after all! 
Happy last day of spring! I'll be back tomorrow with many many new colours...


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lucy είπε...

A prevalent misconception that exists in peoples mind is that graphic designers are artsy people are involved in “creative” art.

K. είπε...

I actually meant that Ebony has some art installations and a zine in her CV so far, apart from her work as a graphic designer, so it was a literal use of the word "artist".

Elen King είπε...

hmm...glad that you liked the blog and glad that is summer with lemonade sunny dresses and all!

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